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Dear Ladies,

Once again the IWI Christmas Bazaar is at our doorstep and once again we are anticipating a highly successful and profitable event. The energy and effort put into this four hour event by all the wonderful women involved is truely remarkable and something of which we can all be proud. The "spirit of volunteerism" begins well before the actual day, with months of preparation leading up to the Bazaar, continuing on until after the dust has settled and eventually fading away as accounts are closed and decorations packed away. What a shame that the volunteer efforts of our women fade away until the next time around!

I realize that most of you lead very busy and hectic lives (this is Istanbul after all!) and that any spare time you have is usually spent in well deserved relaxation. I would like to make an appeal, however, to all of our members out there, to please consider devoting three to four hours a week doing some volunteer work with any of the fine projects we have organized in various areas of the city.

Our volunteer groups are in desperate need of new helpers and with out new help, unfortunately, these groups will eventually fade away due to lack of interest. You can make a difference! The women already involved in charity volunteerism are caring and enthusiastic about what they do...and you will be too once you make the commitment to help some one less fortunate than yourself.

Currently we have charity volunteers working at the Bakirkoy Orphanage, the Bomonti Home for the Elderly in Sisli, SSK Okmeydan Hospital and our newest program (for Asian residents) at the Marmara Hospital. Hospital volunteers work with the sick children three days a week playing games, doing puzzles, drawing etc. The orphanage work involves smaller children with few language skills so it is the perfect place if you don't speak much Turkish. Your time at Bomonti can be spent talking to, reading to, feeding or helping to bathe the seniors.

All you have to do is make is a small time commitment on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. The important thing is that you DO commit. Let's all try to carry the spirit and the success of the Christmas Bazaar into our everyday lives and spread the energyand positive feelings we have on that day in to the lives of others.See you at the Bazaar and hopefully, on the volunteer circuit.

Suzy Kaluti
Charity Coordinator
Suzy Kaluti


Charity Inside

“Charity Inside” is a new feature which will introduce one project of the IWI’s Charity projects at a time thus giving more detailed information about the organisations which are sponsored by IWI.

Nesin Vakfi

This month the visit to one of the charity organisations which are supported by the IWI takes us out of Istanbul. The Nesin Vakfi (Nesin foundation) is located in Catalca, a one hour drive from Istanbul on the E5 towards Edirne. It was founded by Aziz Nesin, a very famous and internationally recognised Turkish writer, (1915-1995). His works consist of over 130 books, satirical articles, theatre plays and literature for children. They have been translated into over 40 languages. In his publications he satirically criticised bureaucratic situations in daily life. Due to his political engagement he came into conflict with various governments and he spent a number of years in prison for his strong beliefs. Nevertheless he continued to be very outspoken. Later in his career he received many national and international prizes.
In 1972 he started his project Çoçuk Cenneti (“childrens paradise”), a foundation for a home for children. In “Korkudan korkmak” (Fearing fear) he summarized on 40 pages the principles of his foundation, which should not only provide shelter, food and health support for children, but also provide them with an proper education in order to become confident members of society. Spending all revenues from his books for the realization of his dream, he bought land and started to build. In the middle of the 1980’s the first children moved in. After his death in 1995 his son Prof. Ali Nesin continued his work.

Today the compound consists of several buildings. In the main building there are sleeping rooms, a kitchen, dining area, a large living room, a computer room, a little theatre with stage and auditorium, a library and two rooms which form a museum comprising memorabilia of Aziz Nesin. Other buildings comprise a craft area/atelier and stables for the animals. In front of the main entrance there is a playground – the rest of the land contains vegetable and fruit gardens. Some areas can be used for different purposes – the apple trees are surrounded by a lot of grass and make a good area for ball games. 1 km away from the main area a small farm is established with cows, chickens and ducks.

The children come from provinces all over Turkey. Some of them are orphans; some of them come from families with economic difficulties. The idea is to give those children a home – a home that resembles a family environment with all the love and care for each member, but with all responsibilities and duties at the same time. Most of the children have their own room, except for the very small ones. Their ages range from kindergarten children to university students (currently 13) which reflects the long-term dedication of the foundation. Older children often take responsibility for smaller children, so small family groups are formed. All of the children have daily duties, like helping in the household or in the garden or with the animals. One of the slogans says “what you use, you have to produce”. So the children learn to make cheese, cream or jam.
Additionally, they are encouraged to pursue and develop their individual abilities. At the same time it is emphasized that excellence is something which does not just happen to be there, but which has to be achieved by constant work.
Highly encouraged is participation in creative activities, like conducting theatre plays, pottering, sculpturing and playing music. Volunteers support these activities, eg. by teaching music or art classes. Regular trips to Istanbul to concerts, exhibitions or theatre plays are additional activities,.

As a private foundation, the Nesin Vakfi draws its money from the revenues of Aziz Nesin’s work, income from real estate properties which are owned by the foundation, and donations.
But with currently 43 children (3 over capacity because of urgency) that does not always cover all expenses. Always needed are items of the daily life, like toilet paper, napkins, pads, cheese, olive oil, jams, sheets, pillows, bedding items, underwear and shampoo/deodorant/soaps. Soon for the winter, large amounts of coal will be needed for heating. Therefore the IWI has added the Nesin Vakfi to the list of projects which we will support in this season.

I would like to thank Feyzi-Bey who took the time in his busy schedule to meet Suzy and me to show us around and to answer all our many questions.

If you would like to support Nesin Vakfi with some of the goods mentioned above, please feel free to contact our charity coordinator Suzy Kaluti under or 0533-3314343.
(Please note that due to space restrictions items are required to be delivered in reasonable quantities on a regular basis rather than in on go.)


Sosyal Sorumluluk Egitim Dernegi
(Society for the Education of Social Responsibilities)
Registered Charity Code #34-104/155



Dear Friends,

Thank you to Koza Gida and Coca-Cola and all of SED's friends for making SED's fundraising picnic a huge success. Beautiful weather and our loyal supporters made the day fun filled.
The menu provided by Koza was equal to what you would find in a five star restaurant. Spring rolls, tortallini, lasagna were just a few of the delights we ate. Rancho California provided lots of space for the kids and animals to play.

October also brought Yuli the opportunity to present SED's accomplishments at The International Companion Animal Welfare Conference which was held this time in Dubrovnik. This conference, the biggest of its kind, is attended by animal welfare organizations and professionals from around the world. Yuli was invited to be one of the speakers specifically on "Education." We hope that sometime this year, you might also view this power point presentation entitled "Education by SED" which has impressed the international audience of ICAWC.

Last week in October, Turkey was shocked by the news of horrible abuses inflicted upon kids between 0-6 years of age in a government owned children's refuge (Cocuk Esirgeme Kurumu) in Malatya. Four women, one staff member and three cleaning contractor's employees have been arrested in the case.

There is uncanny similarity between child abuse and animal abuse. The victims are always vulnerable. That's why, we feel that our strife to awaken in youth the feeling of compassion will contribute into making kinder adults in future.

SED is about to enter a new phase. Since our beginning, we have been organizing in various locations the adoptions of four-legged friends that have been fostered in our homes or offices. As of next month, SED will be moving to the Anatolian side where we will have a permanent adoption location. More news on that in the next Lale.

SED NEEDS your HELP now, more than ever.
You can become…
1- A SED corporate or individual Sponsor
2- A SED Volunteer (Your talents in PR, marketing, internet know-how are very valuable to us)
3- A liaison person between schools and SED
4- A SED member
5- A SED non-voting member by making a cash contribution

Merry Christmans and a Happy New Year from all your friends at SED!

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